Name Category Comment Added
MariololMario Goes Berserk2012-10-03
Volvo_vs_AudilolFoton, Volvo kör över Audi2012-10-03
NatthimmelIntressantBergsklättrare och Natthimmel2012-10-03
GnuerlolWilderbeast crossing a river...2012-10-03
PhotosinterestingHistorical Photos2012-10-03
Flying BearlolFlying bear kills 2 people?2012-10-03
Around the WorldinterestingBritish man gets in his convertible car, and simply drives around the world2009-09-07
Alain "Spiderman" RobertwowOfficial site of Alain Robert a.k.a the French Spiderman2009-09-01
How mad is Charles Manson?wtfHow insande is Charles Manson? Click Link to find out..2009-05-12
Robbing GoatWTFPolice parade goat as robbery suspect.....2009-02-18
Samurai saves copslolMysterious samurai saves Police in UK2008-11-05
SharklolFishermans friend2008-10-27
another bert drumsololol2008-10-23
Bert and Ernie goes brutallolBert and Ernie plays deathmetal2008-10-23
Is Your Son a Computer Hacker?lol (or facts?)T Reginald Gibbons explains about hackers2008-07-25
360.000.000.000lolAttempts to cash 360 billion dollar check2008-05-04
cut in 2lolFarmer cuts property in two to give to ex-wife2008-04-07
SuperstitionWTF!Witchdoctor killings condemned2008-04-04
Hypnotist thief hunted in Italylol...2008-03-22
Top Nine Insane Weapons Of WarWTFinsane weapons..2008-02-12
The 5 Most Horrifying Bugs in the Worldomg"Now, time for the disclaimer. If you are squeamish or have a weak stomach or value your sanity in any way, you may want to bail out now."2008-02-08
DB CooperInterestingStory of the aircraft hijacker "DB Cooper"2008-01-25
Overpopulation...Overpopulation, apartments in HK2008-01-24
Photos Taken At The Right SecondInterestingPhotos Taken At The Exact Right Second..2008-01-19
Bear on a BridgeAmazingHow the hell did he get there in the first place?!?!2008-01-19
Man Drives Car Into McDonalds After Not Getting FriesWTFWhat is the sane thing to do if you don't get the fries you ordered with your McMeal? Why, ram your car into the restaurant of course2008-01-15
Man Cuts Off, Microwaves His Own HandWTF!!(from FARK:)You wake up and find the "mark of the beast" on your hand. Do you: A) Wash it off? B) Wear a glove? Or C) Cut it off with a circular saw and microwave it?2008-01-09
Boeings 787 possible to hack?WTF!!!Boeing's New 787 May Be Vulnerable to Hacker Attack2008-01-06
2007 most odd newsodd news"A Zimbabwe man stole a bus because he needed transport to get his driving license."2007-12-31
Israeli NazisWTFIsraeli 'neo-Nazi gang' arrested2007-12-12
PhreakersWTFPhreakers spoof LSD-induced multiple homicide2007-12-06
Man forgets car at gas stationlolMan forgets car at gas station2007-11-10
Insane Lawslol.......2007-11-06
Chinese knockoffslolBetter then the real thing2007-10-24
Columnar basaltInterestingStrange rock formations
Strange PeopleWTF.....
Amazing TemplesInteresting10 most amazing temples
Camouflaged AnimalsInterestingCamouflaged Animals
"Dead" man wakes up under autopsy knifeWTF"Dead" man wakes up under autopsy knife
20 worst EngrishEngrish
Strange statuesWTFStrange statues worldwide
Jimbo JonesWTFJonestown
Monty PythonFunMonty Python "videowall"
Monitor modWTFMonitor-mod Steampunk style
The Strangest Music Videos Of All TimeWTFThe Strangest Music Videos Of All Time
GamersguidelolThe gamer´s guide to functioning in the real world.
Worth1000interestingWorth1000 Photoshop contests
Photoshop PhridaylolSomething Awful´s photoshop phriday
BaikanurInterestingBaikanur cosmodrome
Vampirecombat chestInterestingTools to kill a vampire
Nice picturesInterestingPictures by photographer Steve Bloom
Chernobyl on 2 wheelsscary shitThrough Chernobyl on 2 wheels
Listening catsFunCats listening to music
Manga FoodWierdJap Food-art
Student builds fusion reactorInterestingFusion reactor, several times hotter than the core of the sun.
The 50 Craziest Pop Stars Ever!WTFThe 50 Craziest Pop Stars Ever!
Heatvision and JackComedyPilotepisode of Ben Stiller´s TVserie with Jack Black and Owen Wilson
GoldfarmersWTFA look on game-goldfarmers
ActioncatWTF!!!1!Cats with toydresses
Worlds Worst EssayWTFWorst essay ever
Batman stops schoolWTFSchools lock down over Batman report
WTFgalleryWTFWhat the hell happened?
Söta djur 2BilderÄnnu mer djurbilder
FacesFunPhoto taken when making face
BanksyimagesImagesBanksy´s place
WW2 tank out of swampInterestingPeople drags an old german WWII tank out of a swamp.
Söta djurBilderSöta djur
MarsInterestingImages from mars